Glove Size Does Matter

How to determine your proper glove size

Gloves come in only a few sizes while people’s hands come in an infinite number of shapes and configurations. We can help you get the best fit for the glove. Take a look at these tips and get your gloves to fit well, like a glove, the first time.

Find your size.

Some sizes are indicated by number and others by letters standing for Small, Medium, Large, etc. Depending on the brand, we indicate the size of a pair of gloves both ways. Use the table below to translate between "letter sizes" and "number sizes".


Wrap a tailor’s measuring tape around your dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb, and make a fist. Your dominant hand is the hand you use to hold a pen. If you don’t have a tailor’s soft tape, wrap a piece of string around your hand the same way as above, make a mark, and measure the length of the string with a ruler. This measurement is your “hand width” glove size.


Measure from the bottom edge of your palm – use the first crease at your wrist as the starting point. Measure to the tip of your middle finger. This measurement is your “finger length” glove size.


Concentrate on the length data as the primary glove sizing over width. Hand length is more important because you don’t want glove fingers that are too long. If you have a heavy, muscular hand, using width can push you up a size, and the fingers may be too long, causing a loss in dexterity.

This chart above is the heart of the matter. As you can see, there is a lot of variation between the lengths of the middle finger, over a half an inch in the largest sizes. For small hand sizes, if your index finger is shorter than your middle finger by 1/4 of an inch to 5/16 of an inch, we recommend going down one size. And with larger hands, go down a size if your index finger is shorter than your middle finger by 1/2 an inch.

Some mays have heavy muscular palms and fingers. For these customers they might be tempted to choose a larger size as suggested by their hand width measurement and the glove sizing chart. We suggest that they consider the style of the gloves that they use. The way that a glove design can stay snug on a range of hand types is STRETCH. The more stretch in the glove material the better the glove will accommodate large diameter muscular fingers.  Glove leather is not the highest stretch material used in gloves. Knit textile has higher stretch than leather.

 So for users with heavy muscular fingers we suggest that you opt for glove types that have stretch knit on the backs and sides of fingers. Consider gloves that are not all leather. A really good option is a seamless knit glove.

As a company that manufactures gloves, we strive to make gloves that well, fit like gloves.  with almost  240 years of experience, staying on top of quality and fit are always a priority. Staying current with fashion and technical trends is a close second. Take our US Patented UR Powered touch screen gloves and audio headwear for an example.  Our UR Powered line offers touch screen glove for both men and women. Our newest mens glove is the Aiden while the trending women’s glove is the Sasha.